Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gender Reveal Party - Number 2!

More babies!!  My friend Heather is due on September 1st!  I am so excited to meet the sweet little baby!  

On April 13th we hosted a gender reveal party for my friend Heather and her husband Henry!  I hosted another gender reveal party about 2 years ago, so I was definitely ready to throw another one!

This time to greet guests at the door, we had a sign ready:

Voting board - with stickers!  The final voting board was 13 to 12!  Very close!  

Name suggestion - same as last time!  I framed the invite next to the suggestions, just for an extra touch!

"What are you craving" Table!  This was a big hit and I got the idea from the "Jessica Craves it Table" from my last gender party I hosted.  In front of each food, I put a small sign "sweet" , "sour", "crunch", "chewy", "salty"!

Sweet - cupcakes
Salty - Chips, Salsa & Spinach Dip
Sour - Fruit Trey
Chewy - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Crunchy - Veggie Trey with Ranch Dip!

Words of Wisdom for the new parents!  Last time we did "Wishes for Baby" so this was something fun and different!

Since I'm not a mom, I just thought of advice that
seem important in all big parts of life!
And finally, for the big reveal my friend Danni help me create the below box!  It is quite hard to decorate a massive box - but I think it is the cutest box ever :)!

The morning of the party I stuffed it with PINK balloons for the big reveal!  

We had so much fun celebrating!  Babies are a blessing - and we are excited to have another baby girl in our group of friends!

Throwing bridal showers and gender reveal showers could just be my favorite things!

-Domesticated Duchess