Sunday, June 10, 2012


We love delivery from Papa John's.  My husband is obsessed with the Cinnapie, which I must admit is amazing!  I decided to try it out myself and we both realized homemade is WAY better than the delivery!

Plus it is really easy - which is my favorite :)

You'll need
Pizza Dough
1 tablespoon of melted butter
LOTS of cinnamon

1/2 cup + 1/3 cup of flour
1/2 cup of white sugar
1/3 cup of brown sugar
2 tablespoons of shortening
2 tablespoons of oil (I used vegetable oil)

1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar
3 tablespoons of milk
3/4 teaspoon of vanilla

You'll need to: 
1.  Roll out the pizza dough on a pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Perforate pizza dough with the dough.
2. Brush melted butter over the pizza doug and completely cover the dough with cinnamon.  (If you like less cinnamon you don't have to go as crazy with it as I did below.
3.  Prepare the topping by mixing all the ingredients using a fork.   Sprinkle all over the cinnamon dough.
4.  Pop into the oven (460 degrees) for 10-12 minutes. 
5.  While pizza is cooking, make the icing.  Mix all the ingredients together.  If the icing is too thick, add extra milk. 
6.  When pizza is done, drizzle icing all over the pizza.
7.  Enjoy!



  1. Marina,
    This looks amazing! I love super easy recipes that taste great :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I made this tonight and it was wonderful. The only thing I will change next time is to add cinnamon to the topping mixture as well. It just wasn't cinnamon-y enough. :)

  3. This was great! but as Kathy said- i'd add more cinnamon!

  4. When I make this I plan to replace the shortening and vegetable oil with butter. Do you foresee any problems in me doing so? I'll use really cold butter for the shortening and melted butter for the oil.

    1. You can definitely replace shortening with the butter. However, I would probably still use vegetable oil.