Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dress up your soap!

I have big plans for my tiny powder bathroom.

I have added new pictures, potpourri, a chrome toilet paper stand, and I have also enlisted my mother to assist me in selecting a fabulous mirror to replace the one currently on the wall.

However, something else was needed. 

This my friends, is straight up U-G-L-Y.  More ugly because I took it on my iPhone and apparently I moved my hand.  However, it does smell really good :)

So I decided to spruce it up.  I went to Target and bought a nice soap dispenser.  Then I went to HobLob (my endearing term for Hobby Lobby) and picked up some inexpensive pearls in the bead section.  I poured them into my nice pump, poured in some clear soap and voila! I added a few more pearls so they would appear to be floating on top.

I also have a TON of white ribbon, so I decided to add a little bow (which I need to retie).  Voilà!

Cute, Inexpensive & Exceptionally Easy! 


  1. Well how clever you are and it's a whole lot more elegant looking. Do the pearls stay floating on top as you use the soap?

  2. They do still float up top! I'm not sure what will happen when I have to refill the soap though