Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrifty Hurricane Glass

I love William’s Sonoma.  I love their fancy cookware, I love their packaged ice-cream mix, I love their coffee machines that literally cost thousands of dollars (please note that I don't drink coffee, but if I had one of their machines I would just to play with it!).  And I really, really love their hurricane glasses. 

Sadly, I cannot justify buying an $80 hurricane glass, especially since I want two. 

So when I was reading a really cool decor blog and saw that Emily posted a William's Sonoma hurricane glass look alike, that was from the dollar storeI literally got my shoes on (well flip-flops.. this is Houston) and drove the dollar store closest to my house.

Here is what you'll need:
  • Candlestick holder
  • Hurricane Glass 
  • White Candle (these were next to the religious candles)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Decor (leaves, cinnamon sticks, small colored stones etc.)

They are all in the same isle too!
 Dollar Store Supplies

First, scrape off the tags and labels 
This one was really tricky and didn't want to come off... so I used a trick my mom taught me back in middle school... use nail polish remover (rubbing alcohol works too) and some cotton balls to take that sticky-ness off
 Cheap brands works too ... this is a thrifty hurricane glass after all

Now that your candles, candlesticks and hurricane glasses are all sticker free, put hot glue on the rim of the candle stick
Don't be stingy with the glue!!

Then, quickly take your hurricane glass and place it on the candlestick holder, look through the glass to make sure that it is centered!

While you wait for the glue to settle (try to wait a good 15 minutes), you can shorten the wick's on your candles so they don't look so... silly.

Now that is MUCH better!

Your hurricane glasses should be close to dry, so you can take your candles and put *A LOT* of glue on the bottom and place them inside the hurricane glass.  Make sure they are also centered!

They look great!

Now for the fun part!  Decorations!  I decided to go with leaves as fall is starting to approach us, but I think I will switch out the leaves for candy corn during Halloween, and cinnamon sticks for Christmas (my original idea was actually cinnamon sticks)

 I bought these leaves at Hobby Lobby, but if you live in a place with
 actual seasons, real leaves will work too!

For $3 each, this can't be beat!
Looking good!

My dining room is becoming a DIY room.. 
check out my wooden wall art

-Domesticated Duchess

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  1. Sadly, I cannot justify buying an $80 hurricane glass, especially since ...