Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tiny Space – Big Change: Bathroom Redesign

I wanted to redesign some element of my home… and the powder bathroom was a perfect start.  Guests frequently use it so it was a nice place to upgrade. It is small, and it is simple.  I wanted to just add a few items to make it a little more appealing.

Here are some before pictures:

 We have a tiny door that leads to a luggage closet.  If anyone else is a Harry Potter fan, when new people come over I tell them our house elf lives there :)

I stuck with the theme of black and white and went to work.  B&W worked great because my bathroom in college was B&W so I had a few items already.  This cut down on the price of the redesign.  I had the bathroom mats, trashcan, BATH sign, round mirror, and the bathtub photograph.

First, I added a shelf to the wall with a beautiful apothecary jar I found at TJ Maxx for $9.99 (score! Normally jars this big are pretty pricey). I already had the frame, and I handwrote one of my favorite bible verses.  The washcloth and ribbon I also already had :)

As I was strolling in one of my favorite hardware stores (if at age 18 I knew that Home Depot and Lowe’s would become some of my favorite stores I would have slapped myself) and notice a lovely collection of vanity mirrors.  The price was right, so I decided to get one.

When I came home my husband half smiled, as he knew this would mean he would be involved in the redesign project.  This was the hard part, removing and unscrewing the previous mirror and drilling in this one.  But that was MANual labor (pun intended) so I didn’t have to do much except for be the tool-handler-extraordinaire!
So much better already!

I rearranged the round mirror, added a potpourri container to sit over the toilet, and bought a light switch cover for $3.50 at Hob Lob.  

And here is a trash can I actually bought a couple years back when a Z Gallerie close to me went out of business (which made me slightly upset!)

Not to mention my fancified soap, which you can read more about here.

And the rest is history!

Of course my work is never done... I have now decided I want to paint the bathroom in vertical stripes of alternated colors (probably grey).  Sigh. If only I could get paid for my misadventures :)

-Domesticated D


  1. Love what you have done with the bathroom! I know what you mean about Home Depot and Lowe's becomming a favorite. Funny how growing up changes your interest so quickly! :)

  2. Nice look in the Bathroom and reminds me so much of the space that I made into a bathroom about a year ago. I was going to ask about the half door..ahahah then I saw your comment about your Elves Lol, I thought maybe it was a hot water tank in there. I like your site.. keep it up! Yes, Men like to cook too! ahahaha Dave Allen

  3. Whatever strikes your fancy! Don't make the colors look too garish, though. What matters in bathrooms is for them to look comfortable enough to put you at ease while you do your business. And in the end, consistency and warm colors matter. Or at least warm lighting, wherein the simpler black and white schemes can come into play, in the sense of letting the lighting spread out evenly.

    Frances Herrera