Sunday, January 8, 2012

12 for 12: Top Twelve Food Bloggers in 2012

I like lists.  I keep a well-maintained and ever-running list of recipes I need to try.  An organized grocery list (in order of how I maneuver through the store). I even have an unofficial list of my favorite Christmas movies.  

This list is in no particularly order, but these are some of my favorite food bloggers. There are so many great food blogs out there, that I'm honored you are reading mine :)

If you enjoy mine here are some other amazing blogs out there:

12. TableforSeven
This sloppy joe recipe is reason enough to be on this list! My husband has loved sloppy joes since birth, and this is his favorite recipe to date!

11. Cookies and Cups
Shelly's site is amazing.  I can't begin to describe how much I love it.  I feel like when my blog grows up, it should be like Shelly's!  Sugar, sugar and more sugar! Seriously, this blog is magical. 
Wedding cookies! My friend Heather is getting married in six weeks, and my friend Emily just got engaged!

10. Erin Cooks  
Erin has made every kind of food you could ever imagine, and has been published in the NYTimes. She rocks!

9. Joy The Baker
Joy (hence the name) has an amazing site.  The main reason I love it though is the pictures.  Seriously, I've never been into photography (hence my low quality photos) but she inspires me to one day try.

8. Paula Deen
Paula, the food network giant, has single handedly made me realize it is OK to use butter.  There is no substitution that can take it's place.  All those spreads should never be used in cooking. So thanks for the love-handles, Paula ;)

7. TidyMom
A recent find Cheryl has great recipes and I'm looking forward to trying more of her delectable recipes!

6. Plain Chicken
Delicious recipes that will make everyone around your table happy.  Just all around great food, and my default stop to try a new recipe. 

5. I Am Baker
I love this blog because the great tutorials.  She's got two beautiful tutorials on rose and hydrangea cakes! 

4. Pioneer Woman
I feel like Ree and I would be friends in real life.  She is funny, quirky and real. She has good recipes, funny stories, and great photos!  This is also one of the first blogs I've actually continued to follow for years.

3. Two Peas and Their Pod 
I like this blog because it's a wife and a husband and their cooking adventures! Plus one of my favorite cookie recipes is adapted from here!

2. Lauren's Latest
LOVE this blog.  Lauren has something new everyday (quite literally) and it I always end up salivating. 

1. In Katrina's Kitchen 
Katrina has *really* yummy food, guest bloggers and CUTE kiddos!

..well hello there gorgeous! 

Check it out!


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  1. Thank you for the mention! Glad the sloppy joes are a hit :)