Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wedding Shower Towel Cake!

I am a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding in just about one month!  With the wedding close, all the "funtivities" are starting - bachelorette party and wedding showers! 

In the invite for, the wedding shower it said to please have a ribbon with your gift.  With that, I decide to make my gift something fun and special!  The couple registered for some white towels on one of their gift registries.  I took advantage and made this fun Wedding Shower Cake, made of towels!

It looks hard, but it's really not.  My mom and I did it in about 30 minutes! 

You'll Need:
2 bath towels
3 hand towels
2 washcloths
About 20 safety Pins
Spatulas, Spoons, and other nick-nacks for decor!

1.  Fold the bath towel in half, lengthwise.  Make sure the ends are even.
2.  Take the towel again, and fold it in half, lengthwise. (So you will fold the towel in half, then again in half).  If you remember your kindergarden ways, this is hot dog ways rather than hamburger. 
3.  Repeat step 1 and 2 with the second bath towels.  If you folded carefully, the ends should be the same.  
4. Take the two towels, and put them together so it is a super long towel. Pin one of the folded bath towels with two safety pins on one side.  Flip over and use two more pins.
5. Starting at one end, carefully roll the towels in one long roll. Roll as tightly as you can.  Smooth out any wrinkles before you start to roll!  If you have rolled this correctly, the top will be flat!
roll tightly
top should be flat
6. Using ribbon tightly tie a ribbon and make a bow around the layer.
7. Repeat with the hand towels and washcloths.  The difference is you will need 3 of the hand towels. Place the roll of the hand towels on top of the roll with the bath towels, and the washcloths over the hand towels.  Again if it is tight and neat, the top should be flat!  Add ribbons around each layer of the cake.
8. Here is the fun part! Take some of your utensils to "stake" in each layer.  You will want to stick the utensil through the layer, and into the layer below. The most fragile layer is the middle layer as it is connecting two layers of the cake - I used two cooking utensils on the middle layers to make it sturdy.  I used one utensil for the top.  The rest of the utensils/nick-nacks you can just decorate with all over.

Other ideas include: wine stoppers, chip clips (they come in fun colors), wooden spoons, spatulas, even a gift card. 

- Domesticated Duchess

Tip:  The neater the folds, the better the cake will look!

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