Thursday, January 19, 2012

Skinny Creamed Spinach

With the start of the new year, it also seems like EVERYONE starts a diet/exercise/healthy lifestyle.  Some people are committed, some people stick with it just for a few months (or weeks).  If this is you, this low calorie creamed spinach is low in fat, and pretty delicious too!

Here's the skinny....

You'll need:
16 oz bag of frozen chopped spinach
2 servings of neufchatel cream cheese (1/4 of the package)
4 oz plain greek yogurt
1 teaspoon garlic salt
dash of pepper

1. Thaw out spinach for about 30 minutes. Pour spinach in large pot until thawed out and a bit warm.
2. Add in the cream cheese, and stir.  Then add in the garlic salt and pepper.
3. Pour in greek yogurt and stir until very smooth. Stir occasionally for about 3 minutes until thick.
4. Remove from heat, and enjoy warm!

I always add a dash of parmesan cheese on top for extra flavor!

Calorie Breakdown
Spinach: 150
Cream Cheese: 140
Greek Yogurt: 70
Spices: 0
TOTAL = 360 calories; 4 servings 90 calories per serving!

You can even trim off more calories by buying fat free cream cheese!

-Domesticated Duchess

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  1. Ooooh this sounds delish! I'm always looking for ways to incorporate more veggies into our dinners. I'm pinning this one for future use.