Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Dash of Everything

This blog post is not a recipe.  It's not a food review.  It's not a craft or project.  It's just a post...  still food related, of course. After all this is a food blog.  But, there are three things I wanted to write about.

 3. GOOGLE.  Google is smart y'all (did that sound really redneck, or was that in my head?).  I mean google can tell me how to get anywhere in this giant metropolis, it can find the Heisman trophy in 1957, but most importantly it can help my recipe book!  Several months ago I found this delicious breakfast casserole online.  I scribbled it down the recipe on a piece of paper (old school!), because this was in my BB area (before blogging).  The breakfast casserole was a huge hit, and - bonus - it was easy to make.  Then, a tragedy struck. I lost the paper which had my recipe. Gone. Lost. Missing without a trace.  I dreamed for months about the breakfast casserole that would never be again. Until google.

Google recipes is amazing.  It is seriously a cooks secret helper.  A little gift from Santa to us bakers, chefs, and culinary enthusiasts. You can plug in what ingredients you need, and even how many calories and recipes will pop up.  My beloved recipe was found!  And what a joyous (and delicious) day it was :)

2. Pinterest is amazing.  I love it.  I discovered it on Memorial Day weekend and have been hopelessly addicted.  You can follow me by clicking here.  It's probably my most used app on my iPhone.  I find SO many wonderful recipes and crafts!  It's a good source of inspiration... the only problem is trying to pick just which one to start on!

1. YOU!

I have been blogging for just over six months, and the past three months I've seen a dramatic increase in the number of hits. There are literally thousands of food blogs and sites out there, so if you take the time to read mine THANK YOU!  Blogging is just a little hobby, but it's kind of nice to know the only person reading is not my mum :)


- Domesticated Duchess

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