Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Product Review: Special K Chocolate

I love chocolate.  This was probably my first sentence as a baby.  It might have been "more chocolate"or "mother, please serve more chocolate deliciousness at your earliest convenience" but, most likely it was definitely some variation of "I WANT CHOCOLATE".

I like Special K cereal.  For a healthy cereal, it is filling and pretty darn good.  When I saw a commercial for Special K Chocolately Delight, I was delighted!  That is until I purchased a box.

Not only is the chocolate version more expensive (and a smaller box!) but the taste is subpar.

The chocolate lacks flavor. The flakes are dry, unlike the regular Special K berries that have the bit of sugar on the flakes.

But most of all, when someone says chocolatey, I expect a plethora of chocolate goodness. However, this really was a dash of sprinkled chocolate.

Needless to save, stick with the original Special K cereal.

Over and out,
Domesticated Duchess

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