Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Food Review: Greek Yogurt

GO GREEK... yogurt that is.  I love yogurt, about a year ago I got on the Greek yogurt bandwagon and never looked back.  I used to love yogurt, but hated that the good tasting yogurts could be 180 calories for a small (4 oz) container.  Greek yogurt is healthier (fat free and less calories), flavorful and most brands are organic!  I've even used it to make healthier meals, such as my Skinny Creamed Spinach!

I eat greek yogurt several times a week for breakfast or snack, and if I'm being healthy I'll have it for dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Greek Yogurt is really delicious, and I'm a huge fan.  I prefer the ones that have fruit on the bottom, but the vanilla flavor is delicious too. 

My favorite brands are:

Dannon - Oikos which is amazing and so tasty!  Only 120 calories, and it is generally a great price (a four pack at my grocery store is just under $4).  I love this stuff, and the strawberry is my favorite!

The other brand I love is Chobani.  These containers are little bit bigger, but it is a bit more pricey.  It clocks in at around 140 calories. It's a little less sweet than Oikos but it is every bit as delicious!  The vanilla is seriously good!

Do you use greek yogurt in your cooking?  What's your favorite brand?


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